We stand alongside First Nations communities, leading a transformative movement to provide holistic wellness services and products, unlocking economic opportunities for our people.

By founding wellness sanctuaries and community stores, we dedicate ourselves to crafting a sustainable framework that not only fosters natural healing traditions but also provides significant economic empowerment.

In North America, there are:

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Indigenous People
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At Wahupta, we uplift our Indigenous communities by forging pathways to economic prosperity and mental wellness through the revitalization of our ancestral cultural practices.

We honour our ancestral wisdom by blending traditional healing plant medicines with modern therapeutic approaches, paving the way toward mental well-being.

We cultivate economic abundance by harnessing the strength of our tribal lands to produce, distribute, and offer wellness goods and services to our people and beyond.

Comercial Opportunities

Our strategic partnerships capitalize on unique market opportunities on tribal lands.

Mental Health

Indigenous communities experience mental health challenges at rates up to ten times higher per capita when compared to the general population.


In addressing the many challenging factors that hamper prosperity on our lands, the most pressing issues are those of economics, health, and housing.

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